Create C++ Project with Visual Studio 2017


How to Create a C++ Program Project with Visual Studio 2017?



If you are new to Visual Studio 2017, you can follow tutorial to create your first new C++ program project in Visual Studio 2017.

1. Start Visual Studio 2017 with Visual C++ development environment.

2. Click "File > New > Project" menu. You see the new project box showing up.

3. Select the project type under the Visual C++ templates selection, like "Win32 Console Application", and enter project & solution names.

4. Click "OK". You see the Win32 Application Wizard screen.

5. Click "Next". You see the application settings screen.

6. Click "Finish". You get a new project created and ready to write the C++ code.

The picture below shows you how to create a new project for a Win32 Console Application in Visual Studio 2017:
Create New Project with Visual Studio 2017


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