Main Features on Visual Studio 2017 Start Page


What features are available on Visual Studio 2017 Start Page?



After you started Visual Studio 2017 you the Start Page with the following features:

1. Top Menu - Allows you to access menu items through: File, Edit, View, Project, Debug, Team, Tools, Test, Analyze, Windows, and Help.

2. Search Box (near the top edge) - Allows you search in for functionalities, help topics, or anything in your project files

3. Sign In (near the top right corner) - Allows you to sign in to your Microsoft developer cloud service account.

4. Explorer Pane (on the left side) - Allows you browse projects/solutions, classes, properties, and development team members.

5. Work Area (in the center) - Allows you to view and edit program or resource files

The picture below shows you features on Visual Studio Start Page:
Main Features on Visual Studio 2017 Start Page


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