Download and Run Visual Studio 2017 Installer


How to Download and Run Visual Studio 2017 Installer?



When you try to download the Visual Studio package from Microsoft Website, it actually forces you to download and run the Visual Studio Installer first.

Here are the steps of How to download and run Visual Studio Installer:

1. Go to, which is the official download site for Visual Studio.

2. Click "Free Download" in the "Visual Studio Community 2017" section. You see vs_community__998582981.1501257902.exe downloaded.

3. Double-click on vs_community__998582981.1501257902.exe file to run it. You see a license agreement message.

4. Click "Continue" to continue. You see a progress indicator while waiting for the final download of Visual Studio Installer to finish.

When the download is completed, the Visual Studio Installer runs automatically.

The picture below shows you How to download and install Visual Studio Installer:

Download Visual Studio Installer
Download Visual Studio Installer


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