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"pymysql" is a Python module in the PyMySQL package provided by for MySQL database connection.

"pymysql" implements "PEP 249 -- Python Database API Specification v2.0" at You can follow this tutorial to try it.

1. Install "PyMySQL" package that contains the "pymysql" module. Do not use the outdated "MySQLdb" package.

fyicenter> pip3 install pymysql

Successfully installed pymysql-1.0.2

2. Start a Python 3 interactive session and import the "pymysql" module.

fyicenter> python3 
Python 3.8.0 (v3.8.0:fa919fdf25) 

>>> import pymysql

>>> pymysql.1.03

3. Call the connect() method to establish a connection to a MySQL server with given accessing information. It returns a Connection object representing the established connection.

>>> con = pymysql.connect(host="", port=3306,
...     user="guest", password="retneciyf")

>>> print(con)
<pymysql.connections.Connection object at 0x107108f40>

4. Use Connection methods and properties to see the MySQL environment.

>>> con.get_server_info()

>>> con.user

>>> con.charset

>>> con.encoding

5. Call select_db() method to set the default database to a database instance that your user name is allowed to use.

>>> con.select_db("test")

>>> con.db

6. Run SQL statements on the connection as shown in next tutorials.

7. Close the connection at the end.

>>> con.close() 


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