"docker container exec" - Execute Command on Container


How to Execute an extra Command on a Running Container using the "docker container exec" command?

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The "docker container exec" command allows you to run an extra command on a running container.

Here is a list of options supported by "docker container exec":

fyicenter$ docker container exec --help

Usage:  docker container exec [OPTIONS] CONTAINER COMMAND [ARG...]

Run a command in a running container

  -d, --detach               Detached mode: run command in the background
      --detach-keys string   Override the key sequence for detaching a
  -e, --env list             Set environment variables
  -i, --interactive          Keep STDIN open even if not attached
      --privileged           Give extended privileges to the command
  -t, --tty                  Allocate a pseudo-TTY
  -u, --user string          Username or UID (format:
  -w, --workdir string       Working directory inside the container

Of course, the COMMAND you are trying to run must be supported by the container. Otherwise the execution will fail.


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