What Is Hyperledger Composer Playground


What Is Hyperledger Composer Playground?

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Hyperledger Composer Playground is a Web browser based tool that allows you to build and test your hyperledger application quickly.

Hyperledger Composer Playground is part of the Hyperledger Composer tool set, which is designed to help you to build and test a distributed ledger application with a Hyperledger Fabric simulator running in a Web browser.

With the Hyperledger Composer Playground, you can:

  • Define objects for your new business network using concepts of "Participant", "Asset", "Transaction", and "Event".
  • Implement business logic for each "Transaction", which can create new assets based on transaction input and trigger events.
  • Deploy the business network to a Hyperledger Fabric local simulator in the browser or to a real Hyperledger Fabric server.
  • Test the business network objects by creating instances of "Participant", "Asset", or "Transaction" objects.
  • Test the business network transactions by submitting transaction inputs.
  • View blockchain transactions.


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