Azure API Management - Publisher Dashboard


What is Azure API Management Publisher Dashboard?



Azure API Management Publisher Dashboard is an Azure Web portal that allows you to create and manage your API services.

Once you have signed up for an Azure API Management Service, you will see it listed as resource entry on your Azure dashboard. If you click to open the API service, you will see the following Publisher Dashboard functionalities:

  • Overview - Showing you main properties of this API service. And some key activity reports.
  • Activity log - Showing you a list of activities related to this API service.
  • Access control (IAM) Providing IAM (Identity and Access Management) controlling accesses for users of your own organization as the publisher.
  • Tags - Defining custom tags attached to this API service to help you identify this API service in billing and reporting.
  • Diagnose and solve problems - Managing diagnose information and tracking issues.
  • Quick start - Showing you documentations and tutorials.
  • API - Allowing you to create and modify your API services.
  • Products - Allowing you to package your APIs into API products.
  • Named values - Defining and managing named values to be used for all APIs in this API service.
  • Analytics - Allowing you to do full analysis your API service usage data.
  • Users - Allowing you to add and manage user accounts to access the developer portal
  • Groups - Allowing you to create groups to manage your users more effectively.
  • Notifications - Allowing you to manage settings for email notifications related this API service.
  • Notification templates - Allowing you to customize contents of email notifications related this API service.
  • Issues - Allowing you to manage issues reported by developers.
  • Repository - Allowing you to manage the repository of multiple versions of configurations for this API service.
  • Management API - Showing you information on managing this API service remotely with Web services.

The picture below shows you the Publisher Dashboard of an Azure API Management service:

Azure API Management - Publisher Dashboard
Azure API Management - Publisher Dashboard


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