Calling Function with Keyword Parameters


How to call a function with keyword parameters instead of positional parameters?



By default, you should call a function with a list of data objects as positional parameters matching the parameter list in the function "def" statement.

But you can also call a function with name value pairs as keyword parameters listed after any positional parameters.

The Python example below shows you how to use keyword parameters to call a function:

>>> def profile(name,age=25,role="guest"):
...     print("Name: "+name)
...     print("Age: "+str(age))
...     print("Role: "+role)
>>> profile("Joe")
Name: Joe
Age: 25
Role: guest
>>> profile("Jay",25,"admin")
Name: Jay
Age: 25
Role: admin
>>> profile("Kim",role="admin")
Name: Kim
Age: 25
Role: admin
>>> profile(name="Leo",role="admin")
Name: Leo
Age: 25
Role: admin


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