HTML In-line Elements and Tags


Where to find tutorials of introduction to XHTML 1.0 In-line Elements and Tags?



Here is a list of tutorials to answer many frequently asked questions compiled by team in introduction to HTML In-line Elements and Tags. Clear answers are provided with tutorial exercises on inline elements like: strong, em, code, sub, sup, del, ins, big, small, br, script.

Introduction of HTML Inline Elements

Commonly Used HTML Inline Elements

HTML 'strong' Tag/Element

HTML 'em' Tag/Element

HTML 'code' Tag/Element

HTML 'sub' and 'sup' Tag/Element

HTML 'del' and 'ins' Tags/Elements

HTML 'big' and 'small' Tags/Elements

HTML Line Break 'br' Tag/Element

HTML 'script' Tag/Element as Inline Element

Other HTML Inline Elements


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