Number of Elements Defined in HTML5?


How Many Elements Are Defined in HTML5?



There are 105 elements defined in HTML5:

  • The root element: html
  • Document metadata elements: head, title, base, link, meta, style
  • Section elements: body, article, section, nav, aside, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, header, footer, address
  • Grouping elements: p, hr, pre, blockquote, ol, ul, li, dl, dt dd, figure, figcpation, div, main
  • Text-level elements: a, em, string, small, s, cite, q dfn, abbr, data, time, code, var, samp, kbd, sub, i, b, u, mark, ruby, rb, rt, rtc, rp, bdi, bdo, span, br, wbr
  • Editing elements: ins, del
  • Embedded content: img, iframe, embed, object, param, video, audio, source, track, area, map
  • Table elements: table, caption, colgroup, col, tbody, thead, tfoot, tr, td, th
  • Forms elements: form, label, input, button, select, datalist, optgroup, option, textarea, keygen, output, progress, meter, fieldset, legend
  • Scripting elements: script, noscript, template, canvas


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