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Top Level Structure of XHTML5 Documents
What is the Top Level Structure of an XHTML5 Document? An XHTML5 document is the XML serialization format of an HTML5 document. The top level structure of an XHTML5 document consists of three parts: XML processing instruction - Provides XML version information and character set declaration. Document...
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Controlling Line Breaks in a Paragraph in HTML
How To Control Line Breaks in a Paragraph? By default line breaks within a paragraph are controlled by the browser. Lines will be wrapped at the right edge of the display area of the paragraph. If you want to force a line break in middle of a line, you can use the "br" elements. Below is a good tuto...
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Getting Extra White Spaces in HTML
How To Get an Extra White Space? As you know that white space characters will be ignored in elements like "p". So how to get some extra white space to show up in your text paragraphs? On easy solution is to use XHTML entity: "&amp;nbsp;", which stands for "non-breaking space". Here is an example...
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HTML 'blockquote' Tag/Element
What Is an XHTML "blockquote" Tag/Element? A blockquote element is a block level element that can be used directly as a sub-element in the body element. You can use blockquote elements to specify a block of paragraphs to be displayed in a quotation format. Here are basic rules about blockquote eleme...
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HTML resources?
Hi there, I know you're busy, so I'll keep it short and sweet :) I've just built a nice little tool called 'HTML5 Periodic Table'. It's incredibly useful for any developer using HTML and the great thing is that anyone in your audience can use it anytime they want for absolutely zero cost! Naturally,...
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