ERROR(PKG-005) - Mimetype Has Extra Field


How to fix the "ERROR(PKG-005) - The mimetype file has an extra field of length 28 ..." error?



When you validate a EPUB 2.0 package with EpubCheck, you may see the following error:

C:\fyicenter> java -jar epubcheck.jar Error-Mimetype-Not-First-2.0.epub

Validating using EPUB version 2.0.1 rules.
ERROR(PKG-005): Error-Mimetype-Extra-Field-2.0.epub(-1,-1): 
 The mimetype file has an extra field of length 28. 
 The use of the extra field feature of the ZIP format 
 is not permitted for the mimetype file.

Check finished with errors
Messages: 0 fatals / 1 error / 0 warnings / 0 infos

EPUBCheck completed

Download Error-Mimetype-Extra-Field-2.0.epub. Unzip it on a Linux/Mac computer. You will see "mimetype" and other files restored with extra file attributes like /gid.

You can fix the error by re-build the EPUB package file by adding "mimetype" first without extra attributes with "zip -0X" commands on a Linex/Mac computer:

fyicenter$ zip -0X Hello-2.0.epub mimetype
fyicenter$ zip -X Hello-2.0.epub META-INF
fyicenter$ zip -X Hello-2.0.epub META-INF/container.xml
fyicenter$ zip -X Hello-2.0.epub package.opf
fyicenter$ zip -X Hello-2.0.epub navigation.xhmtl
fyicenter$ zip -X Hello-2.0.epub content.xhtml

Note that "zip -0X" command means no compression and no extra attributes.


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