Create "Add to Bloglines" Button


How To Create an "Add to Bloglines" Button on Your Website?



If you want to create an "Add to Bloglines" button your own Web site, you can follow this tutorial:

1. Create an RSS Atom 1.0 feed file for your site, and make it accessible with a URL. If the feed file is generated dynamically, take the URL of the script that generates the feed file. For example, this site uses an Atom 1.0 feed file at this URL: "".

2. Take this "Add to Bloglines" image file and upload it to your site:

Bloglines icon
Bloglines icon

3. Modify the following HTML code and put it into your Web pages:

<a href="">
<img src="/Add-to-bloglines-Icon.gif" border="0"
 alt="Add to Bloglines"/></a>

Note that Bloglines Website has been closed now.


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