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Where to get a JSON.parse() Example Code in JavaScript?

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Here is a good JSON.parse() example code in JavaScript.

<!-- JSON-parse.html
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<script type="text/javascript">
   var val1 = JSON.parse('2020');            // A number value
   var val2 = JSON.parse('"foo"');           // A string value
   var val3 = JSON.parse('true');            // A Boolean value
   var val4 = JSON.parse('null');            // A null
   var val5 = JSON.parse('[1, 5, "false"]'); // An array
   var val6 = JSON.parse('{}');              // An empty Object
   var val7 = JSON.parse('{"msg": "Hi!"}');  // An Object

   document.write("<p>Value from JSON.parse():</p>");
   document.write("   val1.toString() = "+val1.toString()+"\n");
   document.write("   val2.toString() = "+val2.toString()+"\n");
   document.write("   val3.toString() = "+val3.toString()+"\n");
   document.write("   val5.toString() = "+val5.toString()+"\n");
   document.write("   val6.toString() = "+val6.toString()+"\n");
   document.write("   val7.toString() = "+val7.toString()+"\n");

Save the above code in a file, JSON-parse.html, and open it in a Web browser. You see the following output:

Value from JSON.parse():
   val1.toString() = 2020
   val2.toString() = foo
   val3.toString() = true
   val4            = null
   val5.toString() = 1,5,false
   val6.toString() = [object Object]
   val7.toString() = [object Object]


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