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CSS Tutorials - Creating an Image with Text

By: FYICenter.com

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How To Create an Image with Text?

You can follow the steps below to create a new image with some text:

  • Go to menu: File > New. You will get the New Image dialog box.
  • Enter Width: 728; Height: 90; Background color: White.
  • Click OK. You will get a blank image.
  • Select the Text tool from the Tool Palette and click somewhere inside the blank image. You will get the Text Entry dialog box.
  • Enter the text: "dev.fyicenter.com" with the right font family, size, and color.
  • Click OK. The text will show up on the blank image.
  • Use the mouse to move the text to the right location in the image
  • Repeat last 4 steps to enter another text: "Information center for developers...".
  • Go to menu: File > Save as. You will get the Save As dialog box.
  • Select Save As Type: JPEG, and enter File Name: fyi_banner.
  • Click OK to save the image. You will get an image with text as shown below:

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