Changes on EPUB Packages 3.2


What are changed made on EPUB Packages 3.2 specification?



EPUB Packages 3.2 specification has the following changes.

1. Changes on "package.metadata":

  • The portrait value of the rendition:spread attribute is deprecated.
  • The rendition:viewport property is deprecated.
  • The meta-auth property is deprecated.
  • The display-seq property no longer applies to creators. Display precedence now follows document order.
  • The authority and term properties have been added for use with the dc:subject element.
  • All of the specialized metadata record relationships for link element are now deprecated (marc21xml-record, mods-record, onix-record, and xmp-signature).
  • The alternate, acquire, and voicing link relationships were added.
  • External metadata vocabularies have been reintegrated into the specification as appendixes.
  • epubsc (for scriptable components) is no longer a reserved prefix.

2. Linked Metadata Records are also changed.

3. "bindings" Element is deprecated.


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