EpubCheck 4.0.2 Command Options


What are command options are supported by EpubCheck 4.0.2?

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You can get a list of command options by running the EpubCheck 4.0.2 help command:

C:\fyicenter> java -jar epubcheck-4.0.2\epubcheck.jar --help

EpubCheck v4.0.2

When running this tool, the first argument should be the name (with the path)
of the file to check.

To specify a validation profile (to run checks against a specific EPUB 3 profile
or extension specification), use the -profile option:

Validation profiles supported:
--profile default // the default validation profile
--profile dict    // validates against the EPUB Dictionaries and Glossaries specification
--profile edupub  // validates against the EDUPUB Profile
--profile idx     // validates against the EPUB Indexes specification
--profile preview // validates against the EPUB Previews specification

If checking a non-epub file, the epub version of the file must
be specified using -v and the type of the file using -mode.
The default version is: 3.0.

Modes and versions supported:
--mode opf -v 2.0
--mode opf -v 3.0
--mode xhtml -v 2.0
--mode xhtml -v 3.0
--mode svg -v 2.0
--mode svg -v 3.0
--mode nav -v 3.0
--mode mo  -v 3.0 // For Media Overlays validation
--mode exp  // For expanded EPUB archives

This tool also accepts the following options:
--save         = saves the epub created from the expanded epub
--out <file>     = output an assessment XML document file (use - to output to console)
--xmp <file>     = output an assessment XMP document file (use - to output to console)
--json <file>    = output an assessment JSON document file (use - to output to console)
-m <file>        = same as --mode
-p <profile>     = same as --profile
-o <file>        = same as --out
-x <file>        = same as --xmp
-j <file>        = same as --json
--failonwarnings[+|-] = By default, the tool returns a 1 if errors are found in the file 
                    or 0 if no errors are found.  Using --failonwarnings will cause the 
                    process to exit with a status of 1 if either warnings or errors are 
                    present and 0 only when there are no errors or warnings.
-q, --quiet      = no message on console, except errors, only in the output
-f, --fatal      = include only fatal errors in the output
-e, --error      = include only error and fatal severity messages in ouput
-w, --warn       = include fatal, error, and warn severity messages in output
-u, --usage      = include ePub feature usage information in output
                    (default is OFF); if enabled, usage information will
                    always be included in the output file

-l, --listChecks [<file>] = list message ids and severity levels to the custom message 
                    file named <file> or the console
-c, --customMessages [<file>] = override message severity levels as defined in the 
                    custom message file named <file>

-h, -? or --help = displays this help message

No file specified in the arguments. Exiting.
epubcheck completed


EpubCheck 4.0.2 --usage Option

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