What Is Adobe Digital Editions


What Is Adobe Digital Editions?

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Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) is a free EPUB book reader provided by Adobe.

Main features of Adobe Digital Editions:

Support of EPUB 3.0 - The support for EPUB 3 standard allows you a richer reading experience, including: rendering of audio and video content; support for right to left reading; dynamic image resizing without loss in clarity, interactive quizzes, better rendering of math formulas, and huge improvements in support for assistive technologies.

Searching eBooks - Search for keywords across all chapters in your eBook through an intuitive full-text search functionality. Navigate to different pages by clicking the entries in the search result panel.

Bookmarking, Highlights and Notes - Bookmark, highlight or note important and favorite portions of text from your eBook.

For more information, see Adobe Digital Editions Website.


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