'continue' Statement in Repeating Statement Blocks


How to use the "continue" statement in a repeating statement block in Python code?

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The "continue" statement can be used in a repeating statement block like "for" and "while" loops to continue with the next looping item immediately.

When a "continue" statement is interpreted, Python will skip the rest of the statement block of the nearest "for" or "while" loop, and continue with its next iteration.

For example:

>>> for num in range(2, 10):
...     if num % 2 == 0:
...         print("Found an even number "+str(num))
...         continue
...     print("Found a number "+str(num))
Found an even number 2
Found a number 3
Found an even number 4
Found a number 5
Found an even number 6
Found a number 7
Found an even number 8
Found a number 9


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