Verify Python Installation on Windows


How to verify the Python installation on my Windows computer?



You can follow this tutorial to verify the Python installation on your Windows computer:

1. Search Python with the Start button - Enter "Python" in the search box after clicking the "Start" button. If the "Python" is displayed in the search result, click it. You should see a Python window showing up.

2. Verify Pyhon installation folder - By default, Python should be installed on the following folder on Windows computer. You can use Windows Explorer to verify this installation folder.


For example: 

3. Verify PATH environment variable - Run the "path" command in a command window. You should see the Python installation folder is included:


4. Start Python from the program list - Click "Start > All Programs > Python 3.6 > Python 3.6". You should see a Python window showing up.

The picture below shows you how to start Python from program list on Windows:
Start Python on Windows


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