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XHTML Tutorial - "body" Sub-Elements

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What Elements Are Allowed as Body Sub-Elements?

The content model of the body element is sub-element only. Character data is not allowed as body element's content. You can only enter sub elements inside the body element. But not all elements can be entered inside the body element. Strict XHTML document only allow block type elements to be included directly inside the body element.

Here are some commonly used block type elements:

  • p - Specifying paragraphs of text.
  • pre - Specifying pre-formatted text.
  • blockquote - Specifying quoted paragraphs of text.
  • h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 - Specifying headings of different levels.
  • hr - Specifying horizontal rules.
  • ul, ol, dl - Specifying lists of items.
  • table - Specifying tables of columns and rows.
  • form - Specifying forms with input fields.
  • script - Specifying client-side script codes.
  • div - Specifying structural divisions.

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