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What is JMS?

JMS Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is JMS?

Java Message Service: An interface implemented by most J2EE containers to provide point-to-point queueing and topic (publish/subscribe) behavior. JMS is frequently used by EJB's that need to start another process asynchronously.
For example, instead of sending an email directly from an Enterprise JavaBean, the bean may choose to put the message onto a JMS queue to be handled by a Message-Driven Bean (another type of EJB) or another system in the enterprise. This technique allows the EJB to return to handling requests immediately instead of waiting for a potentially lengthy process to complete.

The Java Message Service (JMS) defines the standard for reliable Enterprise Messaging. Enterprise messaging, often also referred to as Messaging Oriented Middleware (MOM), is universally recognized as an essential tool for building enterprise applications. By combining Java technology with enterprise messaging, the JMS API provides a powerful tool for solving enterprise computing problems.

JMS stands for Java Messaging Service which is developed by Sun Microsystems . JMS Provider allow applications which are running on different systems can communicate with each other asynchronously . Many EAI tools support JMS as their standard messaging service.

The Java Message Service is a Java API that allows applications to create, send, receive, and read messages. Designed by Sun and several partner companies, the JMS API defines a common set of interfaces and associated semantics that allow programs written in the Java programming language to communicate with other messaging implementations.

JMS stands for Java Message Service. It allows applications to communicate through reliable, scaleable, and asynchronous text messages and objects over the network.

Java Message Service (JMS) is the new standard for interclient communication. It allows J2EE application components to create, send, receive, and read messages. It enables distributed communication that is loosely coupled, reliable, and asynchronous.

JMS is an acronym used for Java Messaging Service. It is Java's answer to creating software using asynchronous messaging. It is one of the official specifications of the J2EE technologies and is a key technology.

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