"docker run microsoft/dotnet-samples" - Test Run


How to do a test run on the "microsoft/dotnet-samples" Docker image?

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"microsoft/dotnet-samples" Docker image is a good base image that supports .NET platform on Windows 10. You can try with with the "docker run microsoft/dotnet-samples" command:

1. Create a container and run it from microsoft/dotnet-samples:

C:\fyicenter> docker run --name windows microsoft/dotnet-samples
    Hello from .NET Core!

Platform: .NET Core
OS: Microsoft Windows 10.0.14393

2. Check the container info:

C:\fyicenter> docker ps --latest
CONTAINER ID  IMAGE                     COMMAND                 STATUS     NAMES
a5c23e47e8bd  microsoft/dotnet-samples  "dotnet dotnetapp.dll"  Exited (0) windows

2. Remove the container, so we can run the image again with the same container name:

C:\fyicenter> docker rm windows

Ok, we are able to run the default command "dotnet dotnetapp.dll" from the "microsoft/dotnet-samples" image.

Note that this Docker image is not accessible any more:

C:\fyicenter> docker\docker run --name windows microsoft/dotnet-samples

Unable to find image 'microsoft/dotnet-samples:latest' locally
docker\docker: Error response from daemon: pull access denied for microsoft/dotnet-samples, 
  repository does not exist or may require 'docker login'.


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