"docker container list --all" - List All Containers


How to list all containers on the Docker Engine with "docker container list --all" command?

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The default "docker container list" or "docker ps" command lists only running containers. If you want to see all containers including those that were stopped, you need to use the "--all" option.

Here is a list of sub-commands supported by "docker container":

fyicenter$ docker container list --all

CONTAINER ID  IMAGE        COMMAND       STATUS                 PORTS     NAMES
96ce071457fc  hello-world  "/hello"      Exited (0) 6 days ago            gallant_kepler
645e89e6c929  sleep        "/bin/sleep"  Created                          zealous_borg
8a0c937862dd  couchdb      "tini ..."    Up 16 hours            4369/tcp  keen_snyder

The "docker container list" command displays the following columns:

  • CONTAINER ID - Identification string assigned by the Docker engine when this container was created. CONTAINER ID can be used to reference a container in "docker" commands.
  • IMAGE - Name of the image from which this container was created.
  • COMMAND - Command that this container is assigned to run.
  • STATUS - Status of this container: Created, Up, Exited.
  • PORTS - Port numbers used by this container.
  • NAMES - Name given this container when it was created. NAMES can also be used to reference a container in "docker" commands.


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