Firefox "live bookmark" Icon


What is the Firefox "live bookmark" Icon When it displays a Web Page that Has Atom Feeds?



When you use a Firefox browser (older version) visiting a Web page that has an Atom feed define, Firefox will display a "live bookmark" icon in the status bar. You can click the "live bookmark" to add the Atom feed to the bookmark list.

If you want to see Firefox's "live bookmark" icon, you can use a Firefox browser to visit the "webmaster.html" page created in previous tutorials. You will the "live bookmark" icon displayed in the status bar at the right bottom corner as shown in the picture below:
Firefox Live Bookmark Icon

Clicking on the "live bookmark" icon, the Atom feed file "atom.xml" will show up to allow you to select and add to the bookmark list.

Note that newer versions of Firefox do not display the "live bookmark" icon.


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