18 Forums Web Designers Shouldn’t Missed

18 Forums Web Designers Shouldn’t Missed

18 Forums Web Designers Shouldn’t Missed

Whether you hit a design block, encounter technical difficulties in terms of HTML / CSS / Javascripts, in the search for open source scripts or simply just seeking for design feedbacks; you probably should be looking for a site where people of the same interest gathers - forum.

Forums for Web Designers

  1. Digital Point - HTML Web Design

    One of the biggest webmaster communities online.

  2. Web Design Forum.net

    Get your web design and development questions answered.

  3. CSS Chat

    CSS & Web design forum.

  4. Designers Talk

    Web design forums for designers to website design.

  5. Estetica Design Forum

    Graphic design forum and web design forum.

  6. Freelance Gossip

    Webmaster Forum - Web Design and Development - SEO - Freelance.

  7. Graphic Design Forum

  8. HTML Forum

    Free webmaster HTML help and discussions.

  9. Kirupa Forum

    Shocked resource for making designers better developers.

  10. Open Web Design

  11. Site Point

    Resources, Design, HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, MySQL and more for your web site.

  12. Web Designer Forum (UK)

    Web Design CSS Forum free Design Templates for Web Designers and Developers.

  13. Web Design Forum

    Web Design Forum , Website Hosting, Web Development Templates Discussion.

  14. Webdigity

    Resources, web design, php, internet marketing.

  15. Webforumz

    Web design and development forum.

  16. Webmaster Talk

    Web design, coding, SEO.

  17. Wtricks

    Discuss about web design and development, read good tutorials and get free downloads.

  18. TalkFreelance

    Freelance Webmaster, Web Design & SEO community.

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18 Forums Web Designers Shouldn’t Missed