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IT Interview Questions:How do I monitor IPSec?

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IT Interview Questions:How do I monitor IPSec?

The IP Security Monitor snap-in, a new feature in Windows Server 2003 , can be used to monitor and troubleshoot IPSec activity. The IP Security Monitor snap-in provides enhanced IPSec security monitoring. As long as the IPSec policy is active, you can monitor how the IPSec policy is functioning within your networking environment through the IP Security Monitor.

The main administrative activities which you can perform through the IP Security Monitor snap-in are listed here:
Customize the IP Security Monitor display
Monitor IPSec information on the local computer.
Monitor IPSec information on remote computers.
View IPSec statistics.
View information on IPSec policies
View security associations information.
View generic filters
View specific filters
Search for specific filters based on IP address
By default, the computer which is listed in the IP Security Monitor snap-in is the local computer. You can though add another computer(s) which you want to monitor to the IP Security Monitor

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