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Ampersands in hrefs must convert "&" to "&" in the URI

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13. Ampersands in hrefs must convert "&" to "&" in the URI

<a href="">Sample List</a>

<a href="">Sample List</a>

# The attribute "name" becomes "id" when used for a locator inside a document

For example, to reference a section within a document with a URI, we usually do something like
"<a href="favoriteAnimals.html#meerkats">Meerkats</a>"

Inside the referenced section,
<a name="meerkats"><h2>Meerkats of Africa</h2></a>

<a id="meerkats"><h2>Meerkats of Africa</h2></a>
or better yet for backwards compatibility:
<a id="meerkats" name="meerkats"><h2>Meerkats of Africa</h2></a>
# Tidy
tidy is a tool to automatically convert HTML to XHTML. You can find it at

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