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IT Interview Questions: Set policies for any Microsoft version

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IT Interview Questions: Set policies for any Microsoft version

Microsoft originally released IPSec with Windows 2000. This means that Windows 2000 (Server and Professional), Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 all support IPSec, but Windows 9.x does not. Fortunately, enabling IPSec does not require you to alienate Windows 9.x machines or machines running other operating systems that may not support IPSec. When you create the IPSec group policy entry, you can choose to have machines request security or require security. If an IPSec policy is set to request security, a client that tries to communicate with the server will receive a request from that server to use IPSec communications. If the client supports IPSec, encrypted communications begin. If the client does not support IPSec, communications remain unencrypted. But if the IPSec policy requires security, all conversations must be encrypted by IPSec. Generally speaking, setting up a security policy that requests IPSec security is perfect for most companies because it accomodates both IPSec-aware and non-IPSec-aware clients. As legacy operating systems are phased out, the newer operating systems will already be prepared to have secure communications with other machines.

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