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IT Interview Questions:Benefits of using DHCP

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IT Interview Questions:Benefits of using DHCP

DHCP provides the following benefits for administering your TCP/IP-based network:
Safe and reliable configuration
DHCP avoids configuration errors
caused by the need to manually type in values at each computer. Also, DHCP helps prevent address conflicts caused by a previously assigned IP address being reused to configure a new computer on the network.
configuration management
Using DHCP servers can greatly decrease time spent
configuring and reconfiguring computers on your network. Servers can be configured to supply a full range of additional configuration values when assigning address leases. These values are assigned using DHCP options. Also, the DHCP lease renewal process helps assure that where client configurations need to be updated often (such as users with mobile or portable computers who change locations frequently), these changes can be made efficiently and automatically by clients communicating directly with DHCP servers.
nteroperability issues
The following section covers issues that affect the use of the DHCP Server service with other services or network configurations. Using DNS servers with DHCP Using Routing and Remote Access servers with DHCP Multihomed DHCP servers

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