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US-IL-Chicago: Software Solutions Architect

Date: _03-Jan-2011_
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Software Solutions Architect

1. Planning/Process Management: Participate in the mapping of applications/systems and/or database architectures to specific technology platforms. Define the components, platforms, interfaces and development tools. Planning activities include reviewing architectural concepts from both a technical perspective and business/financial perspective. Conduct cost/benefit analyses to determine proper architecture solutions. Reviews architectural proposals from other areas for feasibility and make suggestions for improvement when necessary.

2. Analysis/Design: Develops Applications/Systems and/or database architecture and blueprint which reflects the business logic of the enterprise. Conduct reviews and analysis of organizational needs and goals for the development and implementation of applications/systems and/or databases. Bridge the gap between business needs and technological solutions. An architect is a reuse advocate that must be able to define opportunities for reuse. An architect must not only provide analysis, but also facilitate design sessions. Architect must be proficient in design/analysis on more than one software/hardware platform.

3. Process Definition: Analyze and design new business processes around architecture design process. Standardize USIT architecture methodology to reduce cost, improve productivity, improve quality, predictability and timeliness, reduce risk, improve cross-group coordination, improve skills and improve customer and associate satisfaction.

4. Communication: Communication is critical in forming the bridge between the technical and business realms. An architect must be fluent in both spectrums. The ability to convey complex technical processes to business people is an important feature of the architect role.

5. Mentoring: Provide technical guidance to development and design teams. Consult on integration and conversion activities. Recommend re-design or re-development of sub-systems that do not fit the architecture design. Recommend the use of technologies that provide long term compatibility and flexibility. Assist the Technical Lead with architect design methodology and protocol. Must be able to convey high level technical concepts and design processes to teams of designers and developers.

6. Technology knowledge: Continuously monitors emerging technologies, tools, and new coding techniques for use within the division.

7. Testing: Must maintain awareness in trends in the testing arena. Provide input to corporate strategy relative to testing. Build large, highly complex test script scenarios.

8. Performs other related duties as assigned.

- Education: BS in Computer Science or Engineering; Masters optional

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