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US-DC: Cost Research Analyst

Date: _20-Jan-2011_
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Cost Research Analyst

* Cost research analyst specializing in the data collection, analysis, and cost model creation with specialization in hardware, software, or information technologies. * Collection and analysis of cost research data from completed and on-going industry projects and other industry data sources. * Formulation of cost research knowledge bases of industry average data to assist clients in performing cost estimates. * Research and development of cost estimating relationships to address cost estimating challenges presented to developers and producers of software, hardware or information technology solutions. * Modeling and simulation. * Function as subject matter expert on topics related to the development, deployment and sustenance of hardware, software or information technology solutions for both internal and external customers. * Write formal research papers and present the results of findings to industry leaders. * Work with industry experts to analyze their business environment and demonstrate how solutions can supplement their business needs.

Job Requirements:

* Possess a genuine enjoyment of the pursuit of knowledge and possess the skills and desire to turn raw knowledge into useful information. * Excellent mathematical and statistical abilities are a must. * Possess a thorough understanding of cost engineering, especially if it relates to hardware development in the Aerospace and Defense industry. * Must be a self starter with excellent written and verbal communication skills. * Possess the desire to work in a fast-paced team environment with a "wear-many-hats" attitude. * Excellent presentation skills.

Experience and Education:

Bachelor Degree or higher in Operations Research , Math, Statistics, Cost Engineering or Industrial Engineering, Software Engineering or related discipline.

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