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Date: _09-Feb-2011_
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Expert in Core Java, Servlets and J2EE technology (preferably using JBoss application server).

Expertise in XML processing and XSL transforms.

Strong Unix shell scripting experience and familiarity working on Solaris/Linux.

Strong foundation in data-structures and algorithms, especially when used in conjunction with XML processing and Java Generics.

Familiarity with model-driven architectures and GUI generation.

Exposure to Web 2.0 concepts, Ajax and JavaScript frameworks such as JQuery/JSON.

Familiarity with the NETCONF provisioning protocol and data modeling languages such as Yin/Yang/ConfSpecs is a major plus.

Candidate should be comfortable developing software in Java for deployment in a real-time, embedded environment.

Familiarity with HA systems and/or SAF, AMF concepts.

Experience/exposure to Tail-f products is a major plus.

Good effort estimation and schedule tracking skills.

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