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US-: Senior Analyst

Date: _14-Feb-2011_
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Senior Analyst

FUNCTIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES: • Analyzes specific business issues and works with CRM/DTC partners to help guide strategic initiatives. • Leads discussions with the Technology Group and e-Commerce Group to enable the integration of online data with the offline data already resident in the SAS database. • Serves as the point person in the analysis and communication of the customer lifecycle with the brands, and develops models that predict the likelihood to defect. • Interprets changes in customer behavior, and quantify the impact of various marketing scenarios. • Collaborates with external vendors to establish production modeling process. • Leads customer segmentation analysis and determine preferred methodology. • Leverages the SAS database and contribute to the organization’s overall knowledge of the customer and general transparency of business performance. • Manages the modeling process for more advanced segmentation efforts. • Participates in the guidance of quantitative methods throughout the CRM department. • Collaborates with marketing, merchandise planning, store operations, and technology teams as needed on cross-functional projects.

QUALIFICATIONS: • BS/BA degree with an emphasis on quantitative analytics (statistics, applied mathematics, econometrics, etc.). Graduate degree highly preferred. • 7+ years of analytical experience in marketing /customer database analytics such as: analytic segmentation, direct marketing test design, response analysis, measurement strategy development, ROI analysis, modeling, web analysis, etc. • Must have experience working with large relational databases. • Extensive skills (at least 4+ years) in Base & Stat SAS to manipulate data, investigate anomalies, construct data sets, and build models. • Experience writing SQL queries is highly desirable. • Ability to conceptualize business issues, formulate hypotheses, gather results, analyze data, and make appropriate recommendations for change. • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and good interpersonal skills. • Ability to work across multiple business functions. • Must be detail-oriented, highly accurate and possess excellent problem-solving skills. • Must be able to multi-task and stay organized in a fast-paced environment. • Familiarity with a retail marketing environment is required.

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