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US-WA-Redmond: C-sharp Development Expert

Date: _16-Feb-2011_
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C# Development Expert

This project is to create new and augment existing test automation systems used for insuring the high quality of ExP as part of Quality Assurance certification during our standard development and release cycle. We operate using Scrum so we have release cycles often and need to be able to quickly certify the various systems and sub-components of ExP, therefore automation is crucial to our strategy. The automation is expected to test APIs, triggers, stored procedures, referential integrity, and system specifications and test for functional application/System/Inter-System level issues, application/system performance, threading issues, bottleneck identification.

ExP systems are primarily developed in C# and SQL Server Stored Procedures, therefore development and testing expertise in C# and SQL Server is required of any personnel supplied by vendor for this project. ExP test harnesses generally run under VSTS/MSTest and tests are written C#, except for UI tests which run under KAF and are written in C#. All test development is done in Visual Studio.

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