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US-CA-SanMateo: Sr User Interface Engineer

Date: _24-Feb-2011_
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Sr User Interface (UI) Engineer


* Work with a small, agile team of front end developers

* You’ll be using, and perhaps also introducing, cutting-edge modern web technologies and best practices: JavaScript, HTML and HTML5, CSS and CSS3, PHP, Ruby, Sprockets and SASS, REST, JSON… and then there are mobile technologies coming, Facebook APIs, ... * Work with product management, QA, and other technical teams * Play with cool technology. Seriously


* You’re a darn good programmer, like tackling problems, have good architectural skills, and can crank out quality, well-documented code * You hate when QA reports bugs against your code – you take great pride in testing everything before you commit it * Expert knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ajax, and related web technologies * Strong knowledge of PHP or Ruby/Rails or at least the desire to carry over their goodness to SSJS * You think, “Hey, xyz technology is pretty rad – I’m gonna cook up some random project as an excuse to learn and play with it” * You’re familiar with Git and other SCMs, and have decent Unix skills * Excellent communication and collaboration skills * You’re self-driven, motivated, accountable, and take full ownership of your tasks * Experience with unit testing, test driven development, and automation

Additional Skills / Bonus Points

* Knowledge of RESTful web services and APIs * Experience with major PHP or Ruby/Rails frameworks and a solid understanding of MVC development * Development of, or contributions to, open source projects * Experience with various unit testing frameworks would be great

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