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US-MA-Danvers: Senior Software Engineer

Date: _03-Mar-2011_
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Senior Software Engineer

Education: Bachelors in Computer Science or equivalent, advanced degree desirable

Experience: 5+ years of embedded software development experience


* Proven experience in large complex software/hardware developments, several years of embedded development * Expert in C but capable of C++ (or learning it) * Several years experience using embedded Linux (kernel and user levels) or like RTOS * Several years experience utilizing pthreads, understands and uses IPC and synchronization methods * Understands and have successfully utilized OO approach on one or more large software and hardware projects * Understands basic networking protocols such as TCP/IP, UDP, ARP, and ICMP. * Various Authentication methods/protocols: Kerberos, Radius * Directory services such as: LDP and Windows ADS * Working experience with the following protocols: NFS and CIFS * Several years experience with integrating complex software onto complex hardware

Essential Duties and Responsibilites:

* Responsible for multi-function coordination of software development efforts. * Execute plans to develop the next generation of products. * Handle complex issues involving software/hardware development. * Networking APIs. * C/C++/VxWorks/Linux in an embedded environment * Linux user-mode software and Linux device drivers

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