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US-NY-NewYork: Client Engineer

Date: _07-Mar-2011_
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Client Engineer


* Design, develop and maintain multi-platform suite of browser plug-ins * Maintain and improve multi-browser, multi-O/S client-side installers * Remain up-to-date on desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone clients * Work closely with the server team to maximize performance * Deep understanding of iterative development, from compiling and vetting specifications through integrated QA/testing * Strong contributor on a high-performance engineering team * Embrace and extend company culture


* Win32 and/or Objective C development experience * Strong knowledge of HTTP protocols, HTML, DHTML, Javascript, and XML * Prior development experience with Microsoft COM, .Net, etc., a plus * Experience with ATL, WTL, or MFC boost is a strong plus * Experience developing plugins for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari * Experience with MS Windows Installer, Nullsoft Scriptable Install System NSIS, or Google installer * Experience with toolbars, BHO, GUIs, browser applications desired * Multithreading, multithreaded application experience desired * Experience with developing client side code in a multi-user, high-volume, highly diverse software and hardware environment is a strong plus

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