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US-CA-Sunnyvale: File Systems Developer

Date: _11-Mar-2011_
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Software Engineer - File Systems Developer

Essential Functions:

You will be mainly working on enhancing existing product designs, including implementation of new features. This will include: design, coding, debugging and testing of required functionality. You will also participate in technical communication within the team and to other groups associated with specified projects such as users to define system requirements and/or necessary modifications.

Job Requirements:

Experience with software design and development, as well as a very strong understanding of complex concepts related to computer architecture, data structures and programming practices Proficiency in C File systems and/or kernel development preferred Ability to work collaboratively within an engineering team is required Strong oral and written communication skills is essential Education and Experience Education & Experience: - A minimum of 8 years of experience is required. 9 to 11 years of experience is preferred. Hands on participation in development of multiple complex technical projects is required BS, MS or PhD in CS or CE

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