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US-OakRidge-Tennessee: Web Designer

Date: _15-Mar-2011_
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Web Designer


Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Communications, Graphic Design, or related field and four to six years job related experience required. Must have extensive knowledge and experience with Web development, usability, accessibility issues and requirements for Section 508, etc. Must have a working knowledge of and experience with a number of graphics and Web software packages. Must have knowledge of Web technology infrastructure requirements, interface requirements, connectivity, and security etc. Must have strong analytical debugging and problem solving skills. Must be able to communicate and work productively in a multi-disciplinary environment. Must have experience working with writers, editors, graphic designers, photographers, Web developers, programmers, and vendors for the development of online products. Experience with LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) based architecture and open source content management systems a plus. Must have a general understanding of fundamental web technologies (e.g., TCP/IP, SQL, XML). Must possess in-depth knowledge of: Web Development and Design theory, processes, and practices; communications theory and practices including marketing, advertising, and Public Relations (PR) principles; writing for the Web; and technical communications and editing-rules of grammar, style, syntax, and intricacies of the English language.

A Must have knowledge of the following development languages, scripts, JavaScript libraries and frameworks: jQuery, ASP.NET, HTML5, XHTML, Ajax, XML, PHP, Moo Tools, CSS2, CSS3, and YUI.

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