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US-MD-Belcamp: Software Engineer - Java

Date: _15-Mar-2011_
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Software Engineer - Java

Bachelors in Computer Science or equivalent

2 4 years research and/or development experience

Required Skills: Working knowledge of Windows and *nix operating systems

Two years experience with Java (academic or work experience is acceptable)

Familiar with basic networking concepts, such as IP routing

Experience working on a 3-tier J2EE enterprise application with a web front end is highly desirable.

A mixture of backend Java experience and web graphic design is highly desirable. We would highly value someone with web design skills to work on the look and layout of the web UI.

Familiar with security technologies, related to authentication, authorization, encryption.

Experience working on a network management application.

Familiar with basic Ethernet concepts.

Experience with any of the following: EJB3, JBoss, JMS, JSF, IceFaces, MySQL, Hibernate, SNMP, CSS, JavaScript, InstallAnywhere

Conducts functional analyses using established procedures involving the design of new software products or enhancements to current products

Coordinates research and development activities with other departments/function

Remains abreast of current technological progress to ensure company's products remain marketable and competitive

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