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US-GA-WarnerRobins: Computer Engineer and Research Engineer

Date: _16-Mar-2011_
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Research Analyst/Research Engineer

SUMMARY: Design, build and test electrical applications such as automatic test equipment; maintain improvements to existing designs, and new designs; develop engineering support documentation for design and development. Documentation consists of MIL Spec documentation and engineering source data for formal government technical orders. Utilize select tools during the design and implementation process; develop and modify test equipment control programs written in languages such as ATLAS, Basic, LabView, C++, and .NET; review hardware/software requirements, designs, source code, and functional test results of the complete program; provide written documentation of review findings.

EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE: Requires a BS degree in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering with 2 years experience or a Masterís degree with one year experience. Must have at least a 3.3 GPA. Must be able to exercise independent judgment, be diligent, and pay attention to detail while demonstrating an aptitude for carrying out responsible technical assignments. Experience in electronic warfare, automatic test equipment development, ATLAS, Basic, LabView, C++, and .NET is highly desirable.

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