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US-CA-SanJose: Software Engineer

Date: _17-Mar-2011_
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Software Engineer

* Fluency in Java or C++ * Working knowledge of Python or Ruby * Expertise in algorithms and data structures * Exceptional analytical and troubleshooting skills * Passion for developing web services * Solid understanding of distributed systems * Experience working and developing in Linux environments * Interest in cloud technologies (storage, messaging, etc.) * You like solving difficult problems. * You can narrow the scope of the problem space by understanding what's important and deliver high-value solutions that are complete, elegant, and well-documented. * You have a proven ability to multi-task, to prioritize, and to deliver well-designed solutions quickly. * You enjoy pitching your ideas to a small team of exceptional engineers, and using their feedback to improve your design. * You take total ownership of your code - you'll design the solution, implement it, test it, deploy it, and monitor it. * You care about the performance of your code. * You have excellent written and verbal communication skills - you can get up in front of a room full of engineers and explain the latest service you wrote or the open source technologies you are leveraging. * BS in computer science or a related discipline; MS preferred * 1-3 years internships or related work experience.

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