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US-MD: Software Engineer

Date: _30-Mar-2011_
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Software Engineer

Job Description

Develop, maintain, and deploy device drivers for custom embedded devices.

Deliver clear, detailed functional and technical design specifications.

Lead quality improvements efforts.

Degree/Education Requirements

BSCS, BSEE or equivalent

Required Skills

Strong C/C++ programming skills, 5+ years.

Good communication skills.

Experience as a lead software developer.

Some kernel mode programming experience (Microsoft Windows or Linux).

Experience with setting up and maintaining build environments, source control, incident tracking and collaboration environments.


1) Experience in developing and debugging Microsoft Windows device drivers (WDM, WDF or KMDF).

2) Experience in porting Windows drivers to Windows CE/Mobile, Linux or Android.

3) Experience in reading hardware schematics and debugging software/hardware interfaces using oscilliscopes, JTAG, ICE debuggers, and protocol analyzers.

4) Experience developing embedded ARM applications.

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