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US-MN: software engineer

Date: _11-Apr-2011_
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software engineer

* Writing programs to emulate front-ends in order to support performance and load testing of the respective products' back-ends. * Assisting in orchestrating more sophisticated multi-user simulations. * Supporting and extending the automation team's tool set. * Facilitating the running of developers' unit tests. * Facilitating the deployment of new QA automation. * Scripting processes to support automated testing activities, such as automated setup of test environments and automated distribution of reports.

* Candidate must have 5+ years in software development including some involvement with automated testing. * The ideal candidate will have strong experience in SilkTest, SilkPerformer (Or experience with similar tools), C#, C++, Perl, SQL, and VBScript. Broadly varied computer language experience including some of these, coupled with an ability to learn and adapt may be sufficient. * Database development or testing experience is required. * Must have strong problem solving skills.Must be able to work independently as well as within a team environment. * Must have experience with non-UI scripting for automated testing or process-automation; Perl is a plus. * Experience with speech recognition is a strong plus.

* Experience working within geographically distributed teams is a plus.

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