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Date: _13-Apr-2011_
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Web Developer: Database-Driven Web Development

* Bachelor's Science Degree and work experience (At least 2 years)( in a similar/related position) * -OR- * 5+ plus years of web application development experience ( in a similar/related position) * Database Consolidation, Integration and Front-End Development * STRONG KNOWLEDGE with some or all of the following PHP, Python, Ruby, CGI, Perl, Java, My SQL * STRONG KNOWLEDGE HTML, XHTML, and CSS * Strong analytical aptitude with proven ability to analyze and interpret technical requirements. * E-Commerce integration and online user portal development

* Preference given to candidates with experience developing in the healthcare/biotech environment. * Knowledge of and experience implementing standards such as HL7 as well as HIPPA compliancy * would be strongly weighed in the applicant selection process. * Excellent oral and written communication skills * Excellent organizational and time management abilities

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