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US-Iowa-CedarRapids: Sr Software Enginee

Date: _25-Apr-2011_
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Sr Software Engineer

The engineer will work with a multifunctional team comprised of systems engineers, software engineers, hardware engineers, quality engineers, configuration management, and support engineers. This engineer may be responsible for a broad range of duties as the Precision Strike organization grows and should be comfortable working in both a team and individual environment. Demonstrated ability to work with and brief customers is highly desired.

A broad range of software and systems experience is required. Experience with clean sheet design, partitioning and architecture of software components is highly desired. Previous development in multiple software languages (Ada, C/C++, etc.) and operating environments (Lynx OS, Linux, Windows, etc.) is desired. Previous development in the following areas is desired, Air Vehicle Sensors Management, Weapons Management and Control, Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS), Engine Indication and Crew Alerting System (EICAS), Advanced Situational Awareness (ASA), and Synthetic Vision Information System (SVIS) functionality, Flight Management, System Management. Experience in both embedded and non-embedded software environments is desired. Previous experience in development, debug and systems/software integration of all the above functions is desired.

Bachelor's Degree in applicable engineering or science field, and six years of related experience, or, in the absence of a bachelor's degree, twelve years of related experience.

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