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US-HI-Maui: Software Programmer

Date: _27-Apr-2011_
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Software Engineer / Programmer / Analyst :

Responsibilities include requirement analysis, definition, allocation, traceability and documentation for system capabilities. Other responsibilities include:

* Establishing schedules for capability development and executing that schedule to accomplish the design, development, integration and test of the resultant software capabilities. * Support for software integration and utilization, as well as, problem troubleshooting and resolution. * Support customer technical interchanges and reviews. * Generate abstracts and / or white papers for advanced concepts.


* B.S. degree in Engineering or Computer Science. * Minimum of five years of experience. * Experience with C/C++ for various environments, including experience working with high-performance computing environments. * Experience with service-oriented architectures and net-centricity is a plus. * Must be able to interact effectively with other team members, management and other government customer. * Prior experience with AF EO technology / systems, space systems and control systems a plus. * DoD security clearance.

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