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US-CA-SanDiego:omputational Engineer

Date: _19-May-2011_
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omputational Engineer

* Ph.D. in chemical engineering, biochemical engineering, bioengineering, or another quantitative discipline with 3+ years experience in developing and applying analysis tools in an experimental biology setting. * Expert-level experience in at least one programming language, e.g., MATLAB, Python, F#, Java, Perl, C or C++. * Self-motivated, highly organized, detail-oriented, and efficient. * Able to work effectively both independently and as a team member. * Able to concisely communicate hypotheses and complex analyses to audiences possessing varying levels of biological and mathematical expertise.

* Strong understanding of metabolic pathways and flux analysis. * Experience in experimental design using isotopic labeling techniques for strain characterization, computational modeling, and 13C metabolic flux analysis. * Programming skills including linear/nonlinear optimization, mathematical/statistical modeling, stochastic simulations, statistical analysis, design of experiments, and GUI development. * Proficient user of MATLAB.

* Practical laboratory experience (e.g., microbiology, molecular biology, enzymology, fermentation) and application of experimentation to better characterize phenotypes. * Working knowledge of metabolism in industrially relevant microbial systems.

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