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US-CA-State: System Software Engineer

Date: _23-May-2011_
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System Software Engineer

* Prototyping responsibilities

* Coordinating with Home Theater Systems Engineers, develop understanding of applicable product architectures, through such tools as: block diagrams, signal flows, industry whitepapers, etc.

* Digital interfaces and any other inputs and outputs associated with products

* Typical and atypical use cases of our technologies (for example, multiple reencoding passes, double processing for post-processing technologies),

* Understanding of DSPs, SoC, Middleware, and embedded systems

* Researches and as appropriate prototypes on applicable chip architectures, including: TI c64/c67, typical SoC chipsets, etc.

* Works with technology teams, systems evaluations, and implementation evaluations teams to understand chip architecture trends. As applicable, works with these customers to better understand proprietary and open architectures.

* Familiarity with applicable industry standards, including:

* BD-ROM standard, S/PDIF, HDMI, CEA, DLNA, among other standards

* C/C++, Assembly, Java)

* Systems prototyping expertise with Matlab/Simulink, Prototyping environments

* Clearly documenting and articulating work

* Debugging complex systems and issues

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